The Funkery

The band has come together to play music with elements of Funk, Jam Rock, Latin, Pop, Jazz, Blues and Soul. 

Dave Pierce (Zebop!, Soulshakers)  Keyboards (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond, Moog, Grand, Upright...) and Vocals

Steve Ginsberg (Bob Coons Orchestra, Velvet James, Jamerican Dream)  Bass and Vocals

Greg Studley (House of Floyd, Quasar)  Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

Glenn McNulty  (Glen McNulty, Elliot's Evil Plan Sax

John Nava (Latin Jazz Collective) Congas, Timbales and Hand Percussion

Chris Horgan Drums

Darian Gray (Booker T. , Dynamic) Drums

On the first album they're joined by Special Guests: Sunshine Becker (Further, So Vo So, Jay's Happy Sunshine Burger Joint), Teree Jaye (Bob Coons Orchestra), Eric Bloch (Tribal Funk Band), Nicole Denny (NAAU, Velvet James), Jerry Davis (MoJazz)